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How do Heavenly Organised filing cabinets work?

In today's world, our lives are full of a million and one details - in most cases, enough to fill a physical filing cabinet! Our easy to use digital filing cabinet will help you to put all your affairs in order, so you and your loved ones can effortlessly manage all the details of your life.


Filing cabinets

Heavenly Organised filing cabinets are organised into sections, such as personal details, document location and funeral arrangements. This way no detail is missed or forgotten. You can add, edit and review your filing cabinet anytime, anywhere.



You can safely share your filing cabinet with a loved one, allowing them to have all the details they need to take care of your affairs when you're gone.


Our life details are private, and they should remain that way. Heavenly Organised secures your details to make sure your filing cabinet is always safe.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create my Filing Cabinet?

When you register for a Heavenly Organised account, your own Filing Cabinet is created automatically for you. All that’s left to do is add your information to each section of the Filing Cabinet.


How private is my data?

All data stored on Heavenly Organised is encrypted at rest with AES-256 block level storage encryption. Additionally, sensitive information is encrypted before being stored. This means that any sensitive data is secret and can only be decrypted by you or your VIPs via an authenticated login.

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